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Daf truck parts


The DAF company understands the business of its customers and knows how profitable it is for them, so they offer sophisticated transport solutions, one of the most reliable trucks on the market, at exceptionally low cost.

Our website has grown up a lot lately and we have more truck parts offers for customers. You may be interested in visor bars or exhaust for DAF. Those parts are high-quality standards which are waiting for you truck to have it.
DAF trucks all the time shows how good the company is and what progress they have made in recent years. Which arouses a very high on the business market a more people starts to choose this company.

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What are the main benefits of having DAF truck?

The new XF is a model to follow in the long haul road transport industry. Developed for maximum transport efficiency. Completely new chassis. New, attractive appearance and modernized interior. High rigidity provides excellent driving properties. They have Low fuel consumption and fuel tank capacity up to 1500 l.

Daf 2600 produced since 1964, isn’t that sweet? Foto: Wikimedia

The DAF trucks are the best solution for both companies and drivers. Super Space Cab DAF model has a volume of 12.6 cubic meters and is the largest among the cab on the market. Larger beds provide comfort while sleeping. Excellent cooling and optimised airflow. Advanced emergency braking system. They have developed a great comfort for the driver with an increased sleeping space.

For the first time in the truck, industry uses headlights with optional LED technology. They are characterised by the highest light intensity, longest running period and lowest energy consumption.
The VS Truck will help you make the correct choice.

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The VS Truck will help you make correct choice

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