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Parts for IVECO


Iveco company understands business transport better than no one else in the world, and know what is the best for you.

IVECO introduces a new generation of Stralis with a completely new powertrain. This vehicle is characterised by the highest reliability and performance and very competitive total cost of ownership.

The vehicle can be used for the carriage of dangerous goods and one of its unique advantages is the unique HI-SCR exhaust after-treatment system.

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VS Truck is able to offer you such a place where you will not get anywhere else, on our site we have lots of parts for IVECO brand. The bestselling part is universal light and Hella Jumba 320 FF. Every day our offers are impossible.

Iveco Stralis truck

Why should you try IVECO truck?

Interesting thing is that it is the first gas-powered truck for international transport and represents a true breakthrough. It’s the only truck model that offers power, comfort, transmission technology and range for the long haul. Currently, the Iveco brand is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Annually produces over 200,000 cars and 460,000 diesel engines.

IVECO Daily is the only vehicle in its class with a gross vehicle weight of up to 7 tons and a lifting capacity of up to 4700 kg. The strength of the new trucks Daily translates into performance, reliability and high value. No other truck offers such large capacity and not as the Daily retains its performance at the maximum level for such a long time

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IVECO is a solid supplier

This company introduced 8-speed automatic Hi-Matic gearbox to Daily model. As for the awards. IVECO has just received the “Award for Innovation” award by a group of German specialists just for the transmission Hi-Matic. This company is developing very well, you can see them in their production of trucks and with the driving comfort they provide. They have surprising results in the sale of trucks which means more customers trust them.