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Parts for MAN truck


MAN brand means worldwide efficiency, innovation and close contact with the customer. That’s their key to success.

Man brand has surprised everyone with the EffectLine tractor series. They contributed to the success of such features as roof spoiler and side panels to optimize aerodynamic performance, lightweight and so on. Such part selection you will find our site also.

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History of Man Trucks

255 years of great success stories, about 50,000 employees worldwide, sales in more than 120 countries and revenues up to several million a year. Over a 100-year history of MAN trucks and buses proves: Efficiency is more than just a trademark for us. MAN was first listed on the German stock exchange as early as 1758.

Great graph of Man trucks made by Mbwa Kahawa

Last years were also very impressive for Man. In 2011 the brand was absorbed by Volkswagen, which means access to more capital. The man won the prestigious “Truck of the Year” award not only once. Man brand is now one of the largest companies producing cars and trucks brand beloved by many drivers.

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Why can you trust Man truck Company?

There is a lot of reasons why chose Man truck one of them is high travel comfort and relaxation, great cab suspension. It has plenty of storage space, some models have a rotating passenger seat.

This company does not stand in the place constantly develops and it surprises the market with the new version of trucks. Man Trucks do not fail on long distances the drivers and they are more recognizable in the world. VS Truck will help you to make the right choice and support you with our professional service.