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Low Bar Scania 4 with number plate

Price:£540.00 £516.00 inc. VAT

Stainless Steel Low Bar with number plate and LED’s SCANIA 4 series

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Hand polished Stainless Steel Low Bar with number plate and 13 (9 front + 2 side ambers) LED’s lights to suit SCANIA SERIES 4. The bars are 60 mm diameter and fit neatly on to the bumper. These are a high finish stainless steel low bar, hand polished to a mirror like finish. Our bars present a quality product for your truck. High quality LED marker lights with rubber fitted to the bar.

The bar comes with 13 LED’s (9 front +2 side ambers) and prewired. 

LED marker lights are available in Amber, White, Red, Blue and Green.

Please let us know your prefered colour for the front LED when ordering.